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Considering Leading an Advocate Life?

considering-leading-an-advocate-lifeTo lead and advocate life seems to be one of the most fulfilling achievements. To make the world a better place where everyone is empowered. Never be afraid to stand up and speak out for the truth because speaking one’s mind and acting it- is never wrong. But for one to become an advocate, one must first be aware and educated about the issues surrounding to help a person live up to their truth.

Living an advocate life comes in different forms, and some of them are self-advocacy- where an individual can communicate their desires effectively, interests, and rights. They have the power to speak up for themselves. While on the other hand is the subtype of individual advocacy- formal advocacy. This is where it involves non-profit organizations that are an advocate for the vulnerable, oppressed, and marginalized groups.

Tri-State Assistance Corp. is one of the charity organizations in Nevada that follows systems advocacy. This is the type where they support and urge the change of lives, acting with compassion and love.

As volunteers in Kentucky, we help and aid those greatly affected by poverty. We target groups by assessing the way of living by certain groups in society. We offer other programs that are beneficial to our community.

We accept cash and clothing donations. We need coats, jackets, and socks for our recipients. If you want to know more about our programs and extend assistance, don’t hesitate to tap into our organization. Be one of us now!

If you would like to visit us or make some donations, check out the details on how to here on our website.

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