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Financial Transparency and Accountability of NGOs

Financial Transparency and Accountability of NGOs

When we intend to make financial donations to charitable organizations, we may also wonder where our donations go. This act is not to doubt non-government organizations but is a normal part of wanting to truly help the recipients of our donations.

When making financial donations to non-profit organizations, we must also look into the organizations’ accountability and transparency. Accountability is an obligation or willingness by a charity organization to explain its actions to its stakeholders. On the other hand, transparency is an obligation or willingness by a charity organization to publish and make available its critical data. With these two intact, donors need not worry about where their money will go.

Charity organizations will always be accountable to donors, local communities, and project partners. Charity organizations in Nevada, such as ours, ensures accountability by registering our organization, having it accredited and certified by external agencies, and submitting annual and financial reports.

Volunteers in Kentucky who participated in our organization were also accorded with information such as our mission, vision, public projects, and contact details. Our projects and programs are properly publicized to give interested participants and donors the right information they need. Whether you’d like to donate your time, money, or clothes, we make sure to inform you with details and fill you in with the logistics.

So, if you’re looking for a charitable organization that is transparent and accountable to give your donations, call Tri-State Assistance Corp. today!

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